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July 18, 2018

SYL is looking for a new League Administrator. This is a part-time, paid position. The League Administrator performs the following duties.  Please email Dan Gibbons, SYL President, concerning your interest in the position at 


Website management

Manage daily activities on the SYL web site
Use SYL web tools and manage the League Athletics system
Post information and send emails per the request of the Board of Directors (BOD)
Keep the website updated with current events and purge old data
Manage online registration process; communicate with customers as needed
Develop team registrations and team rosters, update web pages with information
Interface with the BOD on all questions and requests for registrants
Assign coaches, assistants, referees per the BOD on the web site

League management and communication

Manage the SYL phone and SYL gmail account
Field calls and emails on SYL concerns, questions and inquiries
Administer daily functions of the League
Attend BOD meetings
Post schedules online
Referee assignments, schedules, management and payments
Assemble and distribute league information for parents and SYL volunteers
Manage the SYL PO Box and distribute mail to BOD
Communicate with the BOD and carries out assigned tasks
Perform basic bookkeeping tasks in cooperation of the BOD Treasurer
Pay bills and track finances

Laxfest Tournament

Manage tournament registration
Verify team rosters and manage team information
Assist the Laxfest planning committee on tasks and performed assigned duties

Supervision and Reporting

The administrator will report directly to the League President and to any other party designated by the President, and shall fulfill any other duties reasonably requested by the BOD.