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SYL Lightning Policy for Laxfest                                                   5/8/19


Lightning is a concern especially during the spring in the Spokane area. It is a hazard and should be treated accordingly. Here are guidelines on what to do during when lightning is observed.


  • All thunderstorms produce thunder and lightning. Lightning can strike several miles from the main storm.


  • Besides lighting, thunderstorms can produce heavy rain, gusty winds and hail. In strong organized storms, small tornadoes are possible.


  • Staff will be on hand to monitor the weather and give updated reports.


  • In the event that lightning or thunder is experienced within 6 miles of the fields, all play should be suspended for 30 minutes until after the last flash of lightning.


  • A clock will count down the 30 minutes with the first lightning strike. The clock will restart with each additional lightning strike.


  • When play is suspended, an announcement will be released via blow horns and air horns to evacuate the fields. All sticks will be lowered and all participants are to go to a safe shelter or vehicles until the threat has passed.


  • When lightning is observed, stay away from metal poles fences and golf carts. Avoid trees and leave the open fields.


  • Lightning's distance is easy to calculate: if you hear thunder, it and the associated lightning are within auditory range, about 6-8 miles away. For every 5 seconds between the flash and bang is about 1 mile.


  • Communication on the resuming play will be released via email/text to the coaches. In addition, updated notifications will be sent on Tourney Machine and Facebook, along with signage at the scoring/welcome tent.  Please monitor and stay in contact with your teams.


  • In the event that a game was ended prematurely due to lightning, the score that remains will be the final score and will be reported. If any games are missed, they will be marked as a draw. Due to time and space constraints, there will be no make-up games.






Important links:


National Weather Service forecast:  http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-117.50289284667967&lat=47.64808534720834#.WR1wMfnyvRY


Mobile NWS app:  www://mobile.weather.gov  Look up on a smart phone, insert your location (Spokane, WA) and save to your home page.


Tourney Machine:  Sign up for notifications. http://www.tourneymachine.com/Public/Results/Tournament.aspx?IDTournament=h201704301554383164a4e5bca98b848