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Here are some important guidelines.... 


Scroll down the page to register. There are many options. Registration is divided by boys vs. girls, grades and location - north side, valley and south Spokane.

Refund Policy - $25 minimum processing fee. NO REFUNDS after March 1st. 

Who Registers - Please have a Parent OR Guardian complete the registration for the participant(s). If your family is already a MEMBER from last year the system will have your family data and participants data on file when you Log-In (using your email address and password). If you forgot your password - the system will send it to your email adddress.  - However, if you changed your EMAIL address from what it was last year when you registered - the system may mis-identify you as a NEW registrant.

US Lacrosse - Every Board MemberPlayerCoach, and Referee participating in SYL must be a member of US Lacrosse.  To make this simple for everyone US Lacrosse registration is a function of the SYL on-line registration process.  US Lacrosse Membership dues will be collected during the registration process and paid directly/real time to US Lacrosse. THIS IS AN ADDITIONAL FEE TO THE SYL REGISTRATION FEE.  (if you played for us last year you are already a member, but will need to renew your membership to be current throughout our season). Your member number is on the mailing label of your US Lacrosse Magazine - have this number handy this when you register online)

  • If you have a US Lacrosse number DO NOT renew it through the mail or the US Lacrosse website.  Entering your US Lacrosse number and completing the US Lacrosse questions during this registration process will automatically result in your membership being renewed.  If you do not enter your existing US Lacrosse number you will be re-registered under a new number.

  • If you are not currently a member of US Lacrosse please leave the US Lacrosse number blank and complete the rest of the US Lacrosse questions.  Doing so will register you as a US Lacrosse member.

  • You must fill in all applicable fields associated with US Lacrosse membership.  This includes all insurance information including company name and policy number.  Failure to do so may result in the rejection of your application, whether you are renewing or applying for a new membership.

Using the Registration system -  Please choose the Division that you wish to sign up for and click on the register button.  If the program is not listed then registration is currently closed.  All registration is on a first come, first served basisThe initial registration process will guide you through the following phases.

  1. Creation of the account under the primary Parent or Guardian name

  2. Addition of information regarding the second Parent or Guardian

  3. Addition of information regarding the participant

  4. Addition of information regarding subsequent participants from the family

  5. Once the family account is set up with your family members you will be able to register any participant for the applicable program as desired, including parent volunteers

Log into your account from the home page to edit information, add family participants into Divisions, or other. (Please remember your password!)  

If you have any problems registering your player, please feel free to contact our League Administrator at  or 509-869-1697.