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 2021 LAXFest Rules 


Boys divisions as follows: 

• 3rd - 4th Grade 

• 5th - 6th Grade 

• 7th - 8th Grade 


Rosters have been provided to Spokane Youth Lacrosse. Any team knowingly or unknowingly playing a non-rostered player will face the following penalties: 

• 1st offense: player ejected from the tournament and games that player participated in will result in a forfeit. 

• 2nd offense: team is disqualified. 


All games governed per NFHS and US lacrosse rules. Exceptions and additions to these rules are listed below. 

Saturday Pool play points will determine seeding for playoff rounds. Seeding as follows: 

  • 3 points for a win 1 point for a tie and no points for a loss. 
  • Teams can tie in pool play, no overtime. 
  • Tie breakers for pool play will be in the following order.
    • Head to head 
    • Goal differential - max of 6 goal differential 
    • Goals allowed 
    • Goals scored 
    • Finally coin toss. 


Play will consist of 20 minute running halves with a 5-minute halftime. All games will start at top of each hour and a central horn will be used. 

One timeout per half, not in last 2 minutes. Game clock does not stop, but penalty time does stop. 

Overtime in bracket play ONLY. Any playoff/bracket game that ends in a tie, there will be 1 extra period. 4 minutes in duration which will begin 1 minute after the final whistle. First score wins. If the overtime period ends in a tie, another extra period will be used. Extra periods will continue until a winner is determined. 

All substitutions will be on the fly to keep play moving. 

Penalties will be timed at 1 ½ times for running clock (30=45, 60=90, etc.) 

Penalty time will not start until player takes a knee in the penalty box and the referee has whistled for play to resume. Penalty time will stop on all timeouts

Mercy Rule: Teams down by 5 goals or more may elect to take the ball at midfield in lieu of a face-off. (pool play only) 

Any player, coach or fan ejected from a game will not be allowed at any games the rest of the tournament. 

Each team is asked to supply one volunteer to help at score table each game. No more than three coaches for each team are allowed in the bench area. Nor more than two volunteers for each team are allowed at the scoring table. 

The team is responsible for the conduct of its fans. Unruly, disrespectful or threatening fans will be asked to leave the tournament facilities. The team may be penalized for the conduct of its fans. 

Any game suspended after play has begun and is unable to be completed will be recorded with the score at the time of stoppage. Any game not able to be played (weather) will recorded as a 0-0 tie. 

Any forfeit will count as a 1-0 win for the appropriate team. 

Scorecards must be signed by each coach and the referee at the completion of a game. The winning coach is responsible for reporting the final score, either via text of completed score sheet or delivery of score sheet to the official tent. 


Boys Division Specific Rules: 

3/4 Boys Division 

• No long poles. 

• Small field (sideways field) 

• 7v7 - offsides enforced (2 players back) 

• US Lacrosse 'small ball' rules apply - raking, limited stick checks (see points of emphasis below), and no body checks. We will use a scrum rule - after the third player joins a scrum the ref will start a 4 count and award the ball by alternate possession. 

• Hot pass rule - local rule - after crossing in to the offensive half of the field OR gaining possession in the offensive half of the field the offense must COMPLETE ONE PASS. If the defense gains possession then loses it or the ball goes out of bounds, the offense must again 'get hot'. Refs will encourage the players to 'get hot' and raise their arm with a 'hot' call when the offense has attempted a pass. NO HOT PASS REQUIRED WHEN THERE IS A PLAYER IN THE PENALTY BOX. 


5/6 Boys Division 

• US Lacrosse youth rules apply - in particular limited stick checks (see points of emphasis below) and no body checks 

• No advancement rules will apply 

• Limit of 3 long poles 


7/8 Boys Division 

• 7/8 will play with the 20/10 failure to advance rules. 

• Last 2 minutes of the game, winning team must keep the ball in the box, enforced in the 7/8 division only. 



• The tournament directors will be available during games for any issues that arise that are not able to be handled by the on field officials. Please use the horn at the scorers table to signal for assistance. While supervising games the tournament director has the authority to act as an referee. 

• Additionally, the tournament director may shadow refs during game play to ensure teams receive the highest level officiating possible. Most of our officials are High School players who do a great job. Please treat them with respect. 


Lastly - US Lacrosse points of emphasis: 

1. Violent Collisions 

2. Slashing - 5/6 and below: In all cases, stick checks must be made with two hands on the crosse and to the crosse of an opponent or his gloved hand on his crosse. An opponent must be in possession of the ball or within 3 yards of a loose ball. Only checks with the crosse listed below are legal: 

• Lift the bottom hand or the head of the stick, whichever is below the chest area. (b) Poke the bottom hand or the head of the stick, whichever is below the chest area. (c) Downward check initiated from below both players' shoulders. 

• For all boys divisions - Contact of any degree made to an opponent head while actively making a stick check is a slashing penalty. 

3. Sportsmanship 

• For anytime serving conduct fouls on a coach – the coach who is penalized will be required to take a knee in the box and not communicate with team for the duration of the penalty. 

• For further clarification please see https://www.uslacrosse.org/sites/default/files/public/documents/rules/2019-boys-youth-rulebook.pdf 

• Ultimately the coach is responsible for knowing and following these rules as well as for the behavior and actions of their team. 


For situations not addressed by NFHS or the above rules: the tournament director will have the final say.