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Why Spokane Youth Lacrosse?
SYL was founded by lacrosse players, people who are passionate about the game, and know the sport inside and out.  As such, we emphasize not only the quality of our program but player safety, skills, sportsmanship, and fun.  We are dedicated to passing on our knowledge of the sport and developing the lacrosse community in the Pacific Northwest.

We offer the following
  • US Lacrosse certified coaches.  Every year we have our coaches trained in a US Lacrosse sponsored program.
  • US Lacrosse certified officials – the same applies to our officials; we are the only organization to provide US lacrosse training for our officials.
  • Our experienced coaching staff is made up of responsible adults.
  • We sponsor and help organize area high school teams so that our players can continue their lacrosse experience after graduating from our program.  We are the only organization in the Spokane area to do so.
  • Neighborhood based teams.
Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the US.  Are you interested?  Come be a part of this phenomenal trend; you can give our League Administrator a call at 869-1697. 
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Spokane High School Girls Lacrosse
We are pleased to offer All City Spokane: Big Cat Girls High School...
Coaching and Officials clinics in February
There will be a US Lacrosse level 1 coaching clinic in Hayden, ID...
Spokane Lacrosse is looking for coaches! As the league expands we...
Important notice to all parents and players.  The board has...
Spokane High School Girls Lacrosse

We are pleased to offer All City Spokane: Big Cat Girls High School Lacrosse.

This is for grades 9-12 across all of Spokane for the 2015 Spring Season.
Registration will open shortly.

Parent Meeting: Feb. 11th, 5:30PM, Northwood Middle School, Room 332
Please mark your calendar if you have a high school girl interested in playing lacrosse.

posted 01/25/2015
Coaching and Officials clinics in February

There will be a US Lacrosse level 1 coaching clinic in Hayden, ID on Feburary 7th. Here is a link to register:

2015 CEP Men's Level 1 Clinic, Hayden, ID Feb 7


There will be more info to come this week. We are always looking for new coaches. This wil be a great introduction to the game. This clinic is great for HS players interested in helping with our youth program, as well.  

We have tentatively scheduled an officials clinic for February 21st in conjunction with a GU lacrosse game. More details to follow - Mark your calendars if you are interested. It will be required for any ref who has not already taken the US Lacrosse officials clinic. 

by posted 01/18/2015

Spokane Lacrosse is looking for coaches! As the league expands we have a need for new coaches - both assistant and head coaches - for boys and girls. Our greatest need is at the lowest levels. We are looking for grade 1/2 and 3/4 head coaches. We also need assistants at all levels. We understand you may be intimidated, but we feel we can offer great assistance to get you trained. Here is a training program for all new coaches:

US Lacrosse Level 1 training. Online, classroom, and practical instruction on all of the basics.  SYL will cover the cost of the program and pay $50 for travel to the next available boys and girls class - in Tri Cities on Saturday October 25th. 

Local training. This winter we will have indoor sessions available. Free to all coaches, we will have our experienced coaches available to teach our new coaches the skills they will have to teach. 

Coaches guide. A locally produced guide to supplement the US Lacrosse info. It will also provide guidance for local procedures and administration. 

Mentor program. Each area - South Hill, Valley, North, and Girls will have a mentor. One of our experienced coaches will be available to answer questions, come to practice, and help our new coaches succeed. 

Boathouse jacket. We appreciate the time and effort our volunteer coaches put in. We provide all head coaches with a Spokane Lacrosse jacket. It is a great marketing tool, as well.  Assistants will get a league shirt this year. 

Equipment/Discretionary spending. SYL provides all teams with balls, goalie equipment, a rage cage portable goal, and more.  The league will also provide each head coach with an equipment fund of $150-200. The final budget has not been approved yet. This money can be used as each coach sees fit for his team.

Our lacrosse league runs on volunteerism. We need your help. Please consider helping out with your child's  team. If you have any questions or would like to sign up please contact Brian O'Rourk
509 879 9626

by posted 10/07/2014

Important notice to all parents and players. 

The board has made the decision to switch our league teams to a grade based criteria instead of the age based program we have used for several years. Much thought and discussion has gone into this change.  This will be effective this spring.  Here is a recap of our decision. 

1. The Spokane area high school teams have come together and decided to offer a JV program at each program.  In order to do this, they will need the freshman to play for the high schools instead of our U15 teams.  Since one of our major missions is to help build and maintain quality high school lacrosse programs, we support this fully.  In addition, this is a great opportunity for our young high school players.  However, without freshmen, it will be harder for us to field U15 teams.

2. The grade based teams will allow us to play in the same format as the west side of the state. Instead of splitting teams to play in west side tournaments, we will be able to keep teams intact and hopefully be more competitive. It will also help us to attract teams to our tournament in the spring.  

3. The rest of the area is considering the move. The leagues in Wenatchee, Tri Cities, and N. Idaho are all considering the change.  This should help to encourage JV programs throughout the Inland NW. 

We believe that this move is important to the long term development of our players. The new teams for this format are as follows: Grades 1/2, Grades 3/4, Grades 5/6, Grades 7/8.  Additionally, registration will open in mid November and run to the beginning of February.  After registration closes, there will be late fees.   We will be expanding our girls teams and our 1/2 (old U9s) will now be playing the full season.

As we expand our league, we have a greater need for coaches and will be expanding our coach training.  Our success as a league depends on your involvement.  We will be sending out a notice for our coaches training shortly, so please consider coaching, especially at the 1/2 and 3/4 levels.


The SYL Board

by posted 10/07/2014
2015 LAXfest coming soon to a field near you!
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